The following Dress Regulations apply to Members Areas:

While we are happy to embrace change we are committed to keeping our Members’ Areas stylish and classy. The Club’s dress standards will be strictly enforced throughout the Racing Season. To avoid inconvenience on raceday, please ensure that your attire, and that of your guests, is appropriate for the Members’ Enclosure. This Members Dress Code guide should assist to clarify some of the common grey areas, however Perth Racing reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered inappropriately attired.

Absolutely no jeans, shorts or playsuits (designer or otherwise). No garments which show excessive midriff. No t-shirts, polo shirts or similar. No sneakers, men's sandals, thongs or sports shoes. Socks must be worn with all dress shoes.


Ladies are expected to maintain suitable race day attire in keeping with the dignity of the Member’s Enclosure. Dresses and skirts are to be at knee length, with fascinators and hats encouraged.


Gentlemen are required to wear tailored trousers/slacks, tucked in collared shirt with closed in dress shoes. Jacket and tie is optional.