Whether you want a serious guide to the next meeting or a light-hearted take on the sport of kings, Perth Racing has got you covered thanks to its stable of multimedia offerings.

The Box Seat

Uploaded on Tuesday nights leading into Wednesday meetings and Thursday nights prior to Saturday meetings, The Box Seat is Perth Racing's television program in which Matt Kelly and Mark Worwood preview every race at either Ascot Racecourse or Belmont Park. Every edition of The Box Seat, which features relevant race replays, is split into two 10-minute portions, primarily to keep the file sizes to downloadable limits.

Tongue Tie Off

Simulcast on 91.3 SportFM on Monday nights and Thursday nights, Tongue Tie Off is Perth Racing's 30-minute podcast in which Matt and Mark preview and review local, national and international action at the same time as having a lot of fun, usually at each other's expense. Every edition of Tongue Tie Off wraps up with a social media segment in which Matt and Mark bribe their listeners to engage with them by offering prizes.

DVD Race Replay Sales

Perth Racing sells DVDs of races at Ascot Racecourse, Belmont Park, Bunbury, Gloucester Park (harness), Narrogin, Northam and Pinjarra Park, plus trials at Belmont Park and Lark Hill, provided they occurred before Monday 1 August 2016. Perth Racing charges either $33 per individual race or $55 per full meeting, plus $5 postage and handling. Download Perth Racing's DVD order form and, once you've completed the document, email it to Emma Kelly.