Members Privilege Tickets


As a Perth Racing Member you are provided 10 Members Privilege Tickets within your Member Handbook, for you to invite additional guests into the member area for the day.

Simply provide your guest(s) with a voucher which they can exchange at any gate for entry, and they will be given a Members Privilege ticket which will allow them to access the member area. Please note these handbook vouchers are valid for Saturday racedays only with the list of invalid dates noted on the reverse of the voucher.

Should you run out of vouchers or would like to have guests join you on racedays when the vouchers are not valid, you can also purchase additional Members Privilege tickets here or on raceday from the Customer Service Desk or Raceday Administration.

You must be a current Perth Racing Member to purchase and there is a limit of six (6) guests tickets on any Standard Saturday raceday and two (2) guest tickets on key Carnival dates.

Please note due to COVID-19 operational limitations, Perth Racing may not be able to provide Members Privilege tickets on some carnival days. Availability will be announced via Members Newsletter a minimum of one week prior to the event. Please contact Perth Racing on 9277 0705 to purchase your tickets.

All Members Privilege Tickets will be posted in advance except for tickets purchased within one week of the raceday which will be held for collection at Ascot Racecourse Gate 6, Matheson Road, Ascot. For Belmont Park collection, tickets will be left at the Customer Service Desk, Ground Level Grandstand.

All guests entitled to a Members Privilege Ticket must comply with our Member Area Dress Code as well as ensuring their ticket is visible at all times and scanned in and out of the Member area.