Gold Membership - $1,450

Limited to 50 Members, a Gold Membership is our most prestigious offering. Providing full Member access, a Gold Car Bay at Ascot, an annual Gold Member Luncheon and now with access to the Directors Lounge on selected Saturdays

  • Gold Membership is valid 1 August, 2019 through until 31 July, 2020
  • Gold Membership provides two (2) Member Passes - One Member Pass & One Member Guest Pass
  • Passes provide General Admission and Member Area access 
  • Includes an allocated Car Bay at Ascot Racecourse
  • Includes a Car Park Pass for access to Belmont Park on Racedays
  • Two Racebooks for each race meeting
  • Access to the Directors Lounge on selected Standard Saturdays across the 2018/2019 Ascot Season- dates to be advised
  • Annual Gold Member Luncheon for you and your Guest
  • Complimentary Lunch for 4 people in Flying Colours on any Standard Saturday at Ascot (excludes beverage)
  • Five x $50 bottles of wine redeemable at either Ascot or Belmont Park
  • Voting rights for the Member Pass Holder
  • 10% discount off Food & Beverage
  • Priority booking and exclusive member offers to a range of Membership Dining Options
  • Two Members Handbook containing discount offers and Members Privilege Ticket Vouchers
  • 2x $30 Birthday Voucher
  • Reciprocal Privileges at all major Australian Metropolitan Race Clubs, as we well as selected WA regional and International Race Clubs
  • Option to purchase additional Members Privilege Guest Passes
  • Option to purchase Members Reserved Tables
  • Members e-news subscription
  • I have read, and agree to abide by, the Membership Terms & Conditions