Platter Orders for Members

Graze the afternoon away with our delicious pre-ordered share platters! Hot or cold selections available.

Food Platters can now be pre-ordered online and ready for pick up on raceday!

Looking to take the hassle out of queuing for lunch on raceday? Then why not enjoy some of our fabulous new food platters with our new easy online ordering option.

Simply click on your preferred raceday below and make your selection. There's a delicious range of cold-platters offering items such as oysters, sushi, cheese platters, flatbreads, and desserts. Plus a super selection of hot platters including gourmet mini pies, two types of sliders, chorizo and sweetcorn empanada, samosas and chicken ricotta meatballs, just to name a few.

Choose your preferred pick up time and your platters will be ready and waiting for you to collect from the Northerly Bar on raceday. It's that easy!

This option is only available to current Members and orders must be received by close of business Wednesday, prior to the selected raceday.

Menu & Pricing

Cold Platters (Page 1 of order form)

Oyster: natural, shallot vinaigrette, gazpacho shooter ( 2 dozen) GF, DF, NF - $55.00
Assorted rice paper rolls, sweet and sour sauce (10 pieces) GFa,Va - $40.00
Assorted sushi, pickled ginger, soy (10 pieces) GFa,Va - $40.00
Prawn cocktail, bloody Mary jelly (10 pieces) GF,DF,NF - $35.00
Assorted sandwiches (10 pieces) - $25.00
Turkish flatbread with house made dips (10 pieces) V - $30.00
Cheese Platter: Australian and imported cheeses, quince, crispbread (10 pieces) GFa,V - $60.00
Petit fours: profiteroles, cakes, macaroons, eclairs (10 pieces) GFa,Va - $50.00
Chocolate dipped fruit skewers (10 pieces) GF,V,DFa - $40.00

Hot Platters (Page 2 of order form)

Sweet corn fritters, avocado, roast peppers (10 pieces) V, NF - $35.00
House made sausage rolls, tomato relish (10 pieces) NF - $35.00
Classic cheeseburger slider (10 pieces) - $45.00
Gourmet mini pies (10 pieces) - $70.00
Mushroom & haloumi slider (10 pieces) V - $45.00
Mac & cheese bites (10 pieces) V - $30.00
Lamb kibbeh, labne flatbread (10 pieces) GFa, DFa - $35.00
Chorizo & sweet corn empanada (10 pieces) - $35.00
Yakitori (Japanese chicken) skewers (10 pieces) DF, NF - $40.00
Panko prawns wasabi aioli (10 pieces) NF - $40.00
Vegetarian samosa, sweet chilli (10 pieces) V - $35.00
Chicken ricotta meatballs, tomato sugo (10 pieces) GF - $35.00

Dietary Requirements
GF: Gluten Free
GFa: Gluten Free available
DF: Dairy Free
DFa: Dairy Free available
NF: Nut free
V: Vegetarian
Va: Vegetarian available