PR KickBack


Never has it been easier for you to back a winner!

Are you fed up with flipping burgers, sizzling sausages and frying onions to raise funds for your favourite not-for-profit organisation? Of course you are! That’s why you’ll love PR KickBack, the online ticket rebate scheme Perth Racing has cooked up that makes it easy not greasy for sports clubs and community groups to back a winner. The more tickets your team sells, the more money your team earns. And we’ve yet to meet anyone who’d rather slave over a BBQ in their apron than spend a day at the races in their best bib and tucker.

30% of ticket sales kicked back to you!

PR KickBack does exactly what it says. For every general admission or membership ticket your organisation sells, Perth Racing kicks back 30% of the sale! The opportunity to raise big money without getting your hands dirty is finally here. And Perth Racing supplies everything you need to promote your ticket-selling webpage with a unique promotional code.

Prepare to kick back and enjoy your ride!

Become a PR KickBack partner and begin earning commission in less time than it took Arcadia Queen and William Pike to win a Group One race at Ascot Racecourse.

*Terms & conditions apply