Perth Racing adopts all recommendations of Culture Review


The Perth Racing Board will adopt all recommendations made in an organisational review into workplace culture.

The comprehensive review, conducted by external agency Beeson HR Consulting was announced in June, when the Board became aware of serious cultural issues within the organisation.

The three-month process included 55 structured face-to-face interviews with past and present employees, several written submissions, and an anonymous culture survey.

Perth Racing Chair Colin Brown said the Board had adopted all five recommendations and commenced implementation. “Interim CEO Stuart Crockett has already addressed several of the recommendations, including the appointment of a People and Culture Leader, the development of a comprehensive People and Culture Strategy, cultural training sessions for employees, a protected whistle blower policy and whistle-blower disclosure service, and more representation of staff reporting to the Board,” Mr Brown said.

The findings of the review confirmed Perth Racing had a a factionalised work environment, siloed management and poor communication, which led to low morale and few commonly shared goals among employees.

It also revealed poor human resource management policies and outdated HR infrastructure. Mr Brown said the review will allow for positive transformational change and help drive improvements to the culture at Perth Racing.

“This has been a very challenging time for Perth Racing, but this review allows us to move forward and drive positive change for our employees.

“The directors of Perth Racing are incredibly thankful to each person who contributed to this review, and for their ongoing commitment to Perth Racing.

“The Board has now put in place a plan and strategy to change Perth Racing’s culture and we will continue to learn and improve the workplace into the future,” Mr Brown said.

The review made five key recommendations, all of which will be adopted by Perth Racing:

1. People and Culture Strategy – develop and implement a strategic People and Culture Strategy as an immediate and urgent priority.

2. Reconnect Strategy – to reconnect directors and management with employees.

3. Communication Strategy – to communicate the outcomes of the review and how change is implemented.

4. Leadership Development Program – so management can learn to be more effective, values driven leaders, and broaden their leadership impact.

5. People and Culture Board Reporting Strategy – will ensure the Board is continually evaluating how the management team is modelling desired behaviours and communicating the desired culture to the organisation.