27th May 2021

The Perth Racing Board has terminated the employment of managing director, Professor John Yovich, effective immediately.


The decision was made during a board meeting this afternoon, Thursday, 27th May, on the grounds of serious misconduct for inappropriate workplace conduct.


The Board applauds the brave staff member who came forward with their credible account and evidence of what occurred.


As a result of this evidence, the Perth Racing Board has been made aware of serious cultural issues within the organisation and will now work to appoint an independent agency to conduct a full organisational review.


The immediate priority of the Board is to support Perth Racing staff and therefore will not release any further details relating to the decision at this time. 


Perth Racing operations will continue as usual. We will update our staff, members and the public on the review and report on its findings at the appropriate time.


Media contact: Rebecca Munro: 0418962542