PR Tipstar WIN Belmont Park Round Six

Flow and Mitchell Pateman beat Angelic Ruler and William Pike in a thrilling Amelia Park Handicap

PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park: Round Six wrap

A Godolphin castoff was pivotal in determining the outcome of PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park Round Six, five players placing their big bets on Flow, which won the Amelia Park Handicap at TABtouch tote odds of 29.40 win and 5.20 place.

Jai Pearce (PunterPearce) was one of Flow's fans and the Martin Allan-trained galloper's victory in Strickland Stakes Day's seventh race contributed 1,730 points of his meeting score of 2,322 points. Position Of Power, Material Man, No Apology and Flow were Pearce's four PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park Round Six winners and his performance not only earned him a $100 cheque from Perth Racing but also lifted him to 12th place on the 19-round overall competition's ladder.

PR Tipsatr Belmont Park Round six_Overall

Shane Renfree (Renno) is the new frontrunner in the PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park tipping competition and he must be kicking himself for sitting out two of the first half a dozen rounds. Even so, Renfree leads by 277.60 points. The Great Tip Off powers PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park and it is a website containing betting tips, form guides and selections and results from horse racing tipsters from the media.

PR Tipstar Belmont Park Round six Round

Register for PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park because it is free to play, it takes just a few minutes to join on any Internet-enabled device and the prizes are great, particularly for Perth Racing members.