Noir De Rue put Craig White in the black and on easy street during Round Four of PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park

PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park: Round Four wrap

Noir De Rue was the longest priced winner on Seacorp Hyperion Stakes Day, four PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park players stuck their big bets on the Justin Warwick-trained stayer and one of them pocketed the Round Four prize.

Craig White (CraigYT) did not tip in the first race of PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park Round Four but he overcame his slow start to score 1,512 points thanks to his four winning picks, including Noir De Rue at TABtouch tote odds of 19.90 win and 4.70 place, and one placing. Noir De Rue means Black Street in French.

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Anita Grant (Anitagrant) was not one of the 477 people who took part in PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park Round Four but she continues to lead the overall competition in spite of sitting out 14 of the 36 completed races. White is ranked in 12th position on 2,478.80 points, which put him within striking distance of the tournament's early frontrunners. The Great Tip Off powers PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park and it is a website containing betting tips, form guides and selections and results from horse racing tipsters from the media.


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Register for PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park because it is free to play, it takes just a few minutes to join on any Internet-enabled device and the prizes are great, particularly for Perth Racing members.