The Prive Fashion Platform Handicap victory of Minus Looks delighted the Wolfe family

PR TipStar - 2019 Belmont Park Round 18 wrap

Steve Wolfe was telling the truth when he told Brittany Taylor following Saturday's Prive Fashion Platform Handicap he had declared Minus Looks to anyone who would listen because his brother, Brett Wolfe, won Round 18 of the PR TipStar - 2019 Belmont Park tipping competition by placing his big bet on the roughie.

Six PR TipStar - 2019 Belmont Park Round 18 tippers stuck their big bet on Minus Looks and it was Brett Wolfe, whose tipping alias is weevil, whose score going into Saturday's last race meant he took out the meeting prize of a $250 cheque from Perth Racing and a $250 voucher from Crown Perth. Wolfe is 76th overall so, with one round left, it would take something extraordinary for him to feature on the first page of the PR TipStar - 2019 Belmont Park leaderboard.


Glenn Montague (glennm), Ryan Brady (rb8686) and David Keats (Keatsy11) are set to fight out the PR TipStar - 2019 Belmont Park tipping competition in its 19th and final round. Montague is in the driving seat because, unlike Brady and Keats, he does not have to make up ground and that is a huge advantage with just nine races remaining. There are rewards for each of the top three ranked tippers and, whoever receives them, they will deserve their prizes for their consistently good Belmont Park tips.


Perth Racing thanks The Great Tip Off for supplying the online engine that powers PR TipStar - 2019 Belmont Park. Register because it is free to play, it takes only a couple of minutes to sign up on any Internet-enabled device and the rewards, both meeting and overall, are great. And, yes, there will be a PR TipStar - 2019 Ascot Racing Carnival tipping competition and it will open a couple of days before Crown Perth Opening Day at Ascot Racecourse on Saturday 12 October.