WA Sports fans will be the winners with a back to back Super Saturday of sport

Super Saturday footy fever fires up crowds at Belmont Racecourse

WA Sports fans will be the winners this week with a back to back Super Saturday of sport with winter racing kicking off at Belmont Park Racecourse at 12 noon ahead of the WC Eagles footy finals clash with Collingwood at 6.10pm.

With free entry for finals ticket holders, or multiriders and transport straight to Optus Stadium with a short walk across the footbridge to Belmont park, MD Professor John Yovich is confident sports fans will take the chance to have a big day, making the most of an Eagles home-final.

“This week’s Eagles final coinciding with our Saturday race day at Belmont Park is exactly what Perth’s sports-loving fans want. You can make a day of it at the racing and a night of it at the footy, with little effort required except for hopping on public transport headed for the Stadium, “Professor Yovich said.

“In preparation, we’re catering for everyone, with lunchtime food and drink specials, lucky draw competitions for fans and plenty of room and easy access to bars, restaurants and a variety of food outlets under the one roof.”

Belmont Park will stay open later on Saturday 8 September and the last race has been bought forward to 4.30pm to ensure more streamlined management of Optus Stadium traffic management plans.

Whereas previously Perth Racing has sold parking for footy fixtures at Optus Stadium on days not clashing with winter race meets, parking for the Finals at Optus will be a different story.

“We’ve made the decision to cater first and foremost to our members on this race day and to making sure they know about the changed conditions in access, due to the Optus Stadium Traffic Management plan,” Yovich said.

“Of course reserved parking for members will be in place for Saturday, but for non-members, we’d suggest taking the bus, train or even river taxi to the precinct and have a worry free Super Saturday of sport.”