Key People

Board of Directors

 From left to right:  Prof. John Yovich AM (Managing Director), Mr Trevor Nisbett, Mr Matt Birney, Mr Neil Pinner (Chairman),  Mr Peter Gangemi (Vice Chairman), Ms Paula Sullivan, Dr Rod Lukatelich, Mr Colin Brown.

Mr Neil Pinner

Position: Chairman 

Mr Peter Gangemi

Position: Vice Chairman

Prof. John Yovich AM

Position: Managing Director

Ms Paula Sullivan

Position: Director

Mr Colin Brown

Position: Director

Dr Rodney Lukatelich

Position: Director

Mr Matt Birney

Position: Director

Mr Trevor Nisbett

Position: Director

Executive Management Team

Yasmeen Tahoune

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Tony Favazzo

Position: General Manager Hospitality and Event Operations

Louise Ardagh

Position: General Manager Commercial & Marketing

Mark Worwood

Position: Racing and Wagering Manager

Jan Homden

Position: People and Culture Manager

Chris Nation

Position: Racecourse Manager